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24 solo lights

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      My NiteRider Storm HID (about 5 years old) is just about dead… I'm getting about 1.5 hours of battery life on it. My even older JetLite is getting about the same run time. It's time to upgrade/replace lights. I'm looking for some recommendations. I'm planning on a doing a 24 solo and know that I will need couple of lighting systems to charge on alternating laps. I can probably get by using my old lights. However, I also do adventure racing and need a light that can deliver more run time than an hour or so.



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      There are so many good options for lighting out there now. Ay-Ups are great. Lupines are superb but $$$. A friend has a set of Amoeba lights and they are lightweight and bright and reasonable $$.BUT all 3 still use an external battery and involve cable management.

      If I was buying a new 24 hour set up I would probably go for a MaxxD on the bars. 960 lumens, lightweight 320g and no cables and external batteries to mess with. The downside is it takes 16 hours to recharge so you need 3 sets to last the night on the brightest setting. Cables and external batteries annoy me a lot!

      For adventure racing or multiday self supported mtb racing the Fenix lights running off AA batteries are superbly lightweight 50-gram (or 1.7 oz) weight (excluding batteries). I don't notice the weight of the LD10+ on my head at all. The Exposure Spark is good too but runs off CR123 batteries which I don't like as much. I have my lights and gps all on AA's so only need to carry one set of spare batteries. The Fenix lights have multi brightness settings which are great for saving battery time. The FD10+ is only $59 – can beat that!

      I'd love to hear more opinions on lights. I haven't seen or ridden with everything out there.


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      Hey Ross,

      How are you going? I would suggest some AY UP's as the kit comes with both a helmet and handlebar light combination so you won't need to hunt for two seperate lights. They are bright and long lasting. You have the option to obtain a 6 hour battery with this kit for your 24 hour ride however it does comes standard with 2 x 3 hour

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      Thank you both for the info. I didn't reallize there were so many options. I thought NiteRider, JetLites, and Light & Motion were the only games in town.

      I have horrible night vision, so I need as many lumens as possible. My faves so far are the Ay-Ups and the Amoeba. The specs look very similar, but the Amoeba is sort of a “homemade” light, the Ay-Ups are more polished. For about $400, I can get 2 Ay-Ups

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      I have to pimp Ay-up lights as well, they are freaking awesome!

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