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24 Hour Race Training Plan Recommendation

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      Hi there! I’m training for a 24 hour race on August 7 (oops a little bit into the 12 weeks already), and I was wondering if you would recommend the finisher or PR 24 hour race plan. I have done 2 solo 24 hour races and numerous other long endurance events/rides, and my goal is to set a PR (just gotta do one more lap!). The only thing is, I haven’t been doing any structured training for years, but am generally active / crosstraining, so I’m a little intimidated by the ride volume of the PR plan and wonder if the finisher plan is a bit more realistic. But I already know I can finish 🙂

      A separate question is, which weeks would you skip given that I have about 10 weeks at this point?


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      Hi Bubbaeck,

      I recommend following the PR plan. The finisher plan has more volume as it is endurance focused. The PR plan will build more speed to get that one more lap. I recommend missing out weeks 3 and 7 to shorten the plan to 10 weeks.

      Coach Lynda.

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      Great thanks! I’ll give it a shot!

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