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24 Hour Finisher (Old Pueblo) and Power

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    I followed your 24 hour finish plan about 80% and had good success at Old Pueblo, I hit my personal goals…1. I was able to ride through the night, 2. I did not bonk or cramp, 3. I completed 14 laps under some challenging conditions with wind and cold. This was my second 24 hour race and in both cases I did your 24 hour finisher plan. I have a questions about power. It seams like once fatigue set in I had no power. The upside was I could still spin by my pace seemed to max and I could spin through laps. The question is, where was the gap in my training? I understand the plan was 12 weeks of primarily endurance based and mission accomplished. What else could I have trained to have more power for longer?

    Paul in Phoenix

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    Congrats on hitting your goals at OP! 14 laps is a solid ride. Nice work!!

    You trained on the Finisher Plan and achieved your goals nicely. If you want to increase your performance and train to have more speed and power I recommend you move up to our 24-Hour Solo Mountain Bike Personal Record Mountain Bike Training Plan This plan will build your next level of performance. More power comes from VO2max and threshold intervals, tempo sessions, big gear climbing and sprints.

    Coach Lynda

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