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20min test on flats or climb

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      Hi Linda,

      I’m about to get going on the 2022 XC season here in So CA, and I’m about to start the 40+ Masters MTB Base plan. I’m writing to ask what your opinion is on doing the 20-min FTP test on a steady climb vs. on the flats. I’m assuming you use the app Strava, so I’m leaving a link here with the hopes of getting your opinion if this segment is appropriate/helpful or not. Many, many thanks!

      Here’s the link to the segment I’m thinking of using:

      Be well,


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      Hi Dovas,

      The top priority with a testing segment is no stops or time when you are forced into really low or really high cadence. Also, a hardpacked smooth surface where traction is not an issue is important. Official Old San Marcos Pass looks like a super route if it has no stops and a good surface.

      Coach Lynda

Viewing 1 reply thread
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