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2021 BT Epic

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      Ok, so after last years attempt at this race, I had some unfinished businesses with this race. While I finished it last year, the way I performed and how things went before the race and then during the race, I was not happy, so I had this one penciled in for a year.

      The course this year was about one mile longer due to a re route, but even that did not deter me from getting to my target. During the race it was all about maintaining a consistent pace. On the climbs it was about not getting off the bike and keep pedaling. Even on technical climbs, I kept it going while others were walking. On the descents, it was about opening the tabs and getting those parts done and opening gaps on others. In terms of nutrition, I was on Superfuel Drink mix, so all the calories and electrolytes in my backpack, with another one waiting for me at the drop off station. It worked out as expected. In terms of time, mission accomplished this time. I knocked a whole hour of last year.

      Coming back next year and knocking off more time, but before that, how about getting on a 24 hour solo race? Its happening.

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      Hi Zpdelrio,

      Thanks for the race report. Congrats on knocking an hour off your time – that’s huge!! Your hard work and race day execution paid off. So great to hear. High fives from me!!

      Coach Lynda

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