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2017 BC Bike Race

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      Hi Lynda,
      Wanted to thank you again for the programs you have designed, for your support this year via your forums and for the helpful resources you’ve referred me to with respect to performance nutrition, etc.
      Last week I finished the 2017 BC Bike Race (Here are some Pics) with excellent results due to my following your Masters Base, Build/Peak/Race and Stage Race training plans in succession. I carved over 4 HOURS off of my accumulated finish time when compared to my participation in the same event 2 years ago. As importantly, I woke each morning (7 day stage event) fresh and ready to race. In 2015 my experience was more a ‘test of wills’ where I was fighting just to finish without giving up!
      This year, I finished the event inspired about what I will be able to accomplish in 2019, after 2 more years of focused training and improved nutrition (ie another 20 pounds lighter) when I toe the starting line AGAIN!
      Your training programs are TERRIFIC!
      Thanks sincerely!

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      Thanks for the race report and the kind words about our training plans. I’m so stoked you had such success and a great race at BCBR. Congrats!!! Awesome 🙂

      Thanks for the link with the pics. Those are some super shots of racing. You look like you are railing those trails.


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