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2016 CTR

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      AvatarBob Loblaw

      Better late than never…

      After a failed CTR attempt in 2015, I followed your CTR PR plan for 2016 and was just blown away by how effective it was. I finished the CTR in 6 days, 9 hours, which was ~2 days faster than my 2015 pace. It was still brutally hard, but my body was much better prepared thanks to all the hard work in your CTR plan. I remember being totally shell-shocked on Day 1 in 2015 and just never being able to recover. It was incredible to feel the difference in 2016 and know that all those hours grinding out endless L4 intervals actually paid off!

      I would say that I probably followed the plan to about 90% accuracy and know that I left a lot of speed out on the course. I’m not doing the CTR this year, but I’m eyeing a 2018 attempt.

      Thanks for the help tackling this monster!

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      Thanks for the race report and congrats on such a strong finish at CTR. That is such a challenging event! Great to hear you felt well prepared after following 90% of the CTR plan.


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