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200km Gravel Event Training

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      Hi, I successfully completed the Dirty Reiver 200km Gravel Event in April.
      It is a fully off road on gravel rough in places and 3600m of climbing.
      I was pleased to finish, but next year would like to do the Event a lot quicker
      I did a 13 hour ride time (not inc stops)
      I had the energy and was not too tired but I was pacing to finish and not pushing it too much.
      i.e low gears spinning the hills ( which were LONG and plenty!)
      I would be grateful of a 10 month plan advise.
      I was thinking long rides over the summer and more turbo power type sessions in winter when its cold for long rides during the winter. Event is in April. I would then have a 7 hour MTB XC Event approx. 6 weeks later . 2 main goals for next year.
      For the Gravel event I rode a “heavy” Touring Bike stripped down and was pretty comfortable, would consider using my cx bike next year ( really lighter but not as comfortable, but will experiment with making it more comfortable)

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      PS I am over 50


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      I recommend following 3 training plans with a week off for extra rest and recovery (or to catch up on a missed week). This will add up to 38 weeks of training (3 x 12 week plans plus the 2 weeks off plan).

      Masters 40+ MTB Cross Country Base Training Plan
      Masters 40+ MTB Cross Country Build Peak and Race Training Plan
      Masters 40+ MTB 100 Mile Personal Record Training Plan

      Time the final plan to end on the same week as Dirty Reiver 200km Gravel Event in April 2017.


Viewing 2 reply threads
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