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20 minute THR vs 8 min CTS THR

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      Hi Lynda,

      I have two questions, both related to heart rate. I am currently using the Masters 40+ Mt Bike Base Mt Bike Training Plan. I am 55 year old male. I use HR only.

      1. A year ago I calculated my THR using the CTS Field Test, which consists of 2 8-minute efforts, and uses the highest of the 2 avg heart rates. That value (riding outdoors) was 150 bpm. This week I completed the 20 minute test in the referenced plan, and that value (on a trainer) was 112 bpm. I am in roughly the same condition now as when I did the CTS Field Test. Thats a large change. Are there too many variables to consider regarding the difference (i.e. outdoors vs indoors for one), and should I just use the 112 value for my training?

      2a. I use HR only. No power. I have a Garmin Fenix 3. Is there any way for me to edit the workouts in TP so they only reference HR zones and not power?

      2b. If the answer above is No, Is my only option to show HR zones on my Garmin to use the “Build Workout” option and create a second workout (which mirrors your workouts)?


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      1. The CTS test will give higher numbers than our test when run side-by side in identical conditions. 150 – 112 is a larger split than I would anticipate so something is suspect. Use the 112 number moving forward but calibrate it with PE and breathing level using our Training Intensity Guidelines Chart If 112 does not match PE and breathing level, look into why. Bad test? Devices not recording properly? Personal health issues etc

      2a. You can edit the structured workouts from using power to HR with the workout builder tool. Choose the % threshold HR option and use this chart to match % threshold hear rate to prescribed training zone. We use Friel heart rate training zones in our training plans.

      2b. Building a new workout is a second option.

      Coach Lynda

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