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20 minute FTP test cut short

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    Hi Lynda. I saw in the guidelines that I should be posting new topics instead of adding to old ones so please forgive me for asking this twice.

    I just attempted my second 20 minute test as per week 6 of the base program. There was a rock slide on the fire road uphill I was testing on so I had to cut the test short at 16:30 minutes. I was starting to fade a little on the last 3-4 minutes but I think i would have held steady at a similar level until 20 minutes.

    1.Is there an adjustment I can make to the calculation to get a proper FTP for this shorter test effort or should I just redo the test sometime later after another easy week?

    2. If I do use this test do I include my first 10-15 seconds which was showing a 200w-500w higher power spike than the rest of the effort to get my average power over the whole effort?

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    1. No. It’s just guess work and best estimates using your training data. Best option is to repeat the test accurately.

    2. Yes. Use your best 20 min average power.

    Coach Lynda

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