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12 weeks to go

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      Hi Lynda

      Quick question on my last 12 week block before Whaka 100 again this year .

      I was hoping to take approx 1 hr of last years time and go Sub 7.5 hrs , but the course has come out and its looks like it could be slower.

      I have both 40+ masters Pr plans for 50 and 100 milers ( I used 100 miler PR plan this time last year )
      I am hoping tomorrows FTP test will show Im ahead of last years training as I have done more .

      Should I reuse the 100 plan? or if I want to go faster would the 50 plan help ? or would that be ambitious as I know I will not go 6-7 hrs espcially consdiering the course this year .



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      Hi Dave,

      Reuse the 100 plan for Whaka 100.

      Coach Lynda

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