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12 hour pr 1st week

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      SAt ride of first week calls for 3 hours race strategy fast and aggressively.

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      Yes make up the ride time by riding indoors or cross training outdoors doing something at a similar intensity you are skilled at such as xc skiing.

      The correct Friday workout is: Hill sprints. Ride for 60 minutes in HR zone 1 or Power L1. Then do 5 x 30 second sprints up 5-8% hill, in and out of saddle (3 minute recoveries in HR zone 1 or Power L1). Strive to reach Power L6 on each sprint. 90+ rpm. 3 sets. 5 minutes between sets in HR zone 1 or Power L1. Finish ride spinning in heart rate zones 1-2 or power L1.

      The other workout showing up is another bug in TrainingPeaks – a new one for today. TP appears to be developing new bugs daily. Its fabulous.

      Note there are only THREE sets total in the entire workout. One set = five intervals. The total is 3 sets x 5 intervals per set = 15 intervals total.

      Power and heart rate do not track in a linear manner. Heart rate is a response too slow to use as a pacing tool for 30 second intervals. Power L6 is about a 95-100% effort.

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      Week #4 is a rest and test week. You can move the test to the day you have the best weather or you can do it indoors. Other than the test it is a low key week and perfect for indoors.

      Week#5 will be better done outdoors but fine to do indoors. If you are getting overly tired miss out ride #2 on Wednesday.


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