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100 mile pr plan Week 10 schedule question

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      Dear Lynda,

      I am currently starting week 7 of the 100 mile plan in preparation for Shenandoah on Sunday 9/1. Two weeks before my event (Week 10, Saturday 8/17) are two events I was previously interested in. One is a 6 hour lap based mountain bike race on fun trails. The other event is a 112 mile gravel ride (social/touring atmosphere) with about 12,000 ft of climbing. I anticipate 8.5 hours of riding time.

      I assume these two events are too hard and too close to my race? If there is a way to fit one of them in, which is better preparation, and how would you rework the schedule to accommodate them?

      Thanks for your thoughts.


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      I forgot one other question…

      After Shenandoah I am pretty uninterested in formal structured training. Is there a general rule of thumb in terms of weekly saddle time or intensity to maintain some of the fitness gained following a 12 week plan. i.e. 8 hours total / one day of intensity / one 4+ ride week. I am wondering what is a good schedule of riding for this fall that allows me to maintain some fitness.

      Thanks again!

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      Hi Matt,

      In week 10 I recommend choosing one of your events and taking the other day off the bike as a rest day.

      After your peak event I recommend taking a week of deep rest and another week of shorter recovery based rides. After that, a good flow is each week to do 1 fast ride, 1 long ride and 1 ride to improve your weakness. The rest of your time, ride for fun and enjoy all the fitness you have spent months building. Adding new skills and rehabbing any injury or weakness are valuable things also to set you up for the next training cycle.

      Coach Lynda

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