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100 mile fatigue

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      Ive used your programs now for 5 years racing 50 to 100 mile mtn bike races to great success. Getting faster every year even at 49. Question for you. During ling 100 mile races like Leadville or recently the Bailey Hundo where im racing for 9 hrs I commonly have a couple swings of energy levels. You know, just low spots in your energy levels and then I commonly rally and feel better and increase speed, awareness and mood. Im good about eating real food at aid stations as well as throwing back a few gels.

      Is this a normal part of 9 hr racing? Is it a fitness issue or a nutrition issue? Does everyone feel like this? Is maybe a hormone thing we go through as older athletes?

      Thanks in advance for any insight.

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      Hi JGulledge,

      Low spots in a 9 hour event are completely normal and expected. Everyone feels like this. The low spots are warning flags that you are over-pacing, under-fueling or under-hydrating. Paying attention to your body, correcting what is making you feel low and rallying is exactly what you need to do. You are doing great!

      Coach Lynda

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