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Training Plan FAQ’s

Which training plan is best for me?

Use our Training Plan Finder App to get a recommendation of the best training plan for you or post your race dates and goal on our Athlete Support Forum.


I downloaded the plan and changed my mind. Can I get a refund?

Sorry there is no way for you to return a plan once it has been downloaded. Once downloaded plans are non-refundable. Every plan has a free 2 week preview to review prior to purchase. Please take care with your initial purchase. Double check your format choice, Training Peaks or PDF. Triple check your plan selected prior to purchase please!! We are here to answer any questions on our Athlete Support Forum before you purchase a plan.

Do I get both PDF and TrainingPeaks versions of the plans when I make my purchase?

No! We do not have a 2 for 1 offer. Sorry. Training plans are available in PDF or TrainingPeaks format. PLEASE NOTE: the PDF version is not compatible with TrainingPeaks. If you want to use TrainingPeaks please purchase the TrainingPeaks version at this page . The first plan you purchase is either PDF or TrainingPeaks, not both. If you would like both versions you can purchase the second one with a 50% discount within 12 weeks of your purchase of the initial version.

Can you give me a discount on my training plans?

Currently we have no discount offers for purchasing multiple plans. Managing discounts and discount codes is very time-consuming. We elect to put our time available into producing high quality training programs, having time available to support our forum, being available to help athletes set up season plans and answering their training questions while on any LW Coaching plan at no additional cost. We elect to put our time into service and quality over discounts.

Can you tell me what the difference is between the Training Peaks Format vs the PDF format?  Why would one choose one over the other?

The content is the same in the PDF and TP versions.

Advantages for TrainingPeaks are:

  • Any LW Coaching training plan can be followed with a free Basic TrainingPeaks subscription
  • Additional analysis features available to add with a paid Premium subscription such as downloading power files, viewing maps and graphs. Here is a chart comparing TP Premium subscription and TP Basic free plan features and costs
  • Can download structured workout format to Garmin devices and smart trainers for live power training with compatible plans. Note: Not all plans are compatible. This is a power training only feature and not available for heart rate training
  • Online storage of your device files giving you a backup if your local storage fails
  • Training log continuity for a user already on TP and logging data
  • Can store training plan in TP library for future use
  • Great mobile app
  • Can be used with free Basic TP or with a paid Premium subscription. Premium vs Basic features table here.

Disadvantages for TrainingPeaks are:

  • Have to be online to use TP
  • Has a learning curve some users do not have time for
  • Extra monthly cost for Premium subscription (no cost with free Basic subscription which is compatible with all LW Coaching training plans but has access to fewer analysis tools).

PDF advantages:

  • Simple no frills doc
  • PDF’s are easy to reuse
  • No extra subscription costs
  • Easy to scroll forwards to view future workouts
  • Do not have to be online to view your PDF.

PDF disadvantages:

  • Lacks advanced device file storage and analysis features
  • PDF’s are easy to lose!

There are pros and cons to PDF vs. TP and no real winner. If you will use the tools on TP and don’t mind paying for the extra subscription fee that is a good option. If you don’t think you will use any of the tools on TP and want to save on the extra subscription fee TP charges you can still use the free Basic subscription. If you want the most simple format PDF is the way to go. Have more questions about TP vs PDF formats? Ask on our Athlete Support Forum!

Is the FREE Basic version of TrainingPeaks compatible with your LW Coaching MTB training plans?


TrainingPeaks explained: TrainingPeaks has two subscriptions: Basic (free) and Premium (paid). Browse this table to compare features and pricing. A Premium (paid) account is not required to use an LW Coaching mtb training plan.  You can purchase, apply and view any training plan with a Basic (free) account. If you want to move workouts around on dates in the future to accommodate scheduling conflicts, a Premium account is required. Switching between accounts types is available. You never lose your training plan no matter how many times you switch your account between Premium and Basic. Have more questions about TP vs PDF formats? Ask on our Athlete Support Forum!

What calculation method should we use when setting heart rate zones in TrainingPeaks? I see several options.

Use the LW Coaching heart rate zone and power level calculator. On Training Peaks select Joe Friel Cycling Heart Rate Training Zones

What calculation method should we use when using the PDF plan version or for setting power levels in WKO+? I see several options.

Use the LW Coaching heart rate zone and power level calculator. On Training Peaks and in WKO+ software select Coggan Power Levels

Do I need the Training Peaks subscription? How does that work?

You may purchase the plan directly as a pdf (the pdf version is not compatible with TrainingPeaks) or purchase it through Training Peaks. On TrainingPeaks you can use a free Basic account or a Premium subscription account. Compare features here.

What is the best way to customize a pre-built mountain bike training plan to match my schedule and meet my own personal goals?

You can buy a Pre-Built mountain bike training plan and modify it on your own or schedule a consult with coach Lynda to assist with customization. With a TrainingPeaks Premium subscription you can use the tools on their site to help. I often consult with athletes following a pre-built plan and work with them to customize it to their specific schedule and goals. Everybody is a little different which is one of the challenges of publishing a generic mountain bike plan. LW Coaching consults are $90.

Is there continued support for me once I have purchased the plan?

Yes! Ask training plan questions at any time on the LW Coaching Athlete Support forum or schedule a phone consult for a more in-depth review. Contact to schedule a phone consult.

Does the plan account for my personal, work or racing schedule?

No. These training plans are pre-built, in that they are not specific to one individual or race schedule. You essentially pull the training plan off the shelf and apply it to your season, working your race schedule into the plan. If you need to switch days and are unsure the best way to adapt your plan, post a questions on our Athlete Support Forum and a coach will advise you.

I still have questions about which plan is best for me. Can you help?

Certainly! Post your question on our Athlete Support forum.

TrainingPeaks and Garmin Connect syncing issues

Q: I am using Wahoo Tickr and Blue SC with the Wahoo app. I can upload Wahoo to TP but a new workout is created rather than populating the planned workout. Can you advise the procedure so I can take advantage of the TP training plan?

A: This is a long-standing issue with TP syncing, and I recently had a long dialogue with them about it. You have 3 options for making sure your files go to the correct workout instead of creating a new one.

– Most devices can specify an activity type. So a ride could be “bike” meaning road bike, or “mountain bike”, and possibly others like “trainer”. The activity type of the synced workout has to match the workout type of the planned workout for the 2 to be associated when a file sync occurs. If that is not possible with your setup or still doesn’t work, the next one always works but it’s manual.

– From the TP web interface, open the newly created workout from your calendar. Click files top right, then download the file that was synced. Upload that same file to the planned workout you want it to be associated with. Delete the workout that was automatically created.

– The final option is direct upload. Connect your device to a computer and upload the files the hold fashioned way. Since I regularly connect my Garmin to my computer for charging, I’ve just started using this method as its fast and easy enough. Again, depends on your setup.


How do you perform the spin ups?

Slowly increase your cadence (or spin-up) to max rpm or the rpm recommended in the workout description over 30 seconds. When you begin to lose form and bounce back-off and then hold it.

If I can’t hold the cadence up at 90 rpm on the one-legged drills is it OK to lower cadence?

One-leg pedaling drills are to improve pedaling form. Drop the cadence to the rpm where you can do them with perfect form. Over the duration of the training plan work to bring this cadence back up. Perfect form is a higher priority than hitting the recommended cadence.

Have a question not answered here on our FAQ’s? Please post it on the forum.