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Premium Mountain Bike Coaching

Our Premium Mountain Bike Coaching package is our top level of service available. We use every method and look into every facet of training to increase your performance. No stone is left unturned.

  • Full analyses of Athlete Profile including training history, performance and current race goals.
  • Training with power, heart rate and perceived exertion included.
  • Training account at
  • Goals and workouts optimized daily.
  • All workouts are specific to your particular needs, goals, and personal schedule.
  • Daily workout details include target intensity, duration, and coach’s comments.
  • Optimal coach – athlete communication via Skype, phone, TrainingPeaks, email.
  • Benchmark field testing to set Heart Rate and Power Training zones.
  • Tracking training load with Performance Manager Chart, daily and weekly TSS.
  • Sports Psychology – confidence, attitude, race-day focus.
  • Recovery Training – rest and recovery focus to enhance performance.
  • Race execution plans.
  • Nutritional analyses.
  • Race-day nutrition strategy.
  • Continued development of training and results.

$400 per month. No time commitments.

Coach Lynda Wallenfels

Coach Lynda Wallenfels

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