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LW Coaching Training plan upgrades

Our LW Coaching training plans are getting some exciting upgrades. To thank all our loyal LW Coaching training plan users we are providing these updates FREE to current training plan owners!

Here is a look at one of the upgraded plans, our popular 40+ Masters Mountain Bike Base training plan

Current plan owners will immediately notice the new blue chart which gives a visual description of every ride. This new feature is known as “Structured Workouts” and is a tool recently created by TrainingPeaks. We immediately jumped on it and are excited to share the advantages of structured workouts with all current and future LW Coaching training plan owners.

Structured workout files can be exported to use with most indoor training applications and many Garmin devices. Here is the list of supported devices and export instructions from TrainingPeaks. Load the workout onto your Garmin or smart trainer and have it lead you through your training ride on real-time.

Here is a closer look at a structured workout from an LW Coaching mountain bike training plan. Every ride on the training plan has a target IF (intensity factor) and TSS (training stress score). These are power training metrics that can be displayed on your Garmin screen and used to pace training rides. IF is an especially useful metric for pacing mountain bike rides on technical and varied terrain.

Scrolling down the workout description box reveals further workout details. These details give precise power targets personalized to the threshold power stored in your TrainingPeaks account. This workout description is for an athlete with a FTP (functional threshold power) of 250 watts.

To sum up, the new plan upgrades including structured workouts in TrainingPeaks gives you:

  • Ability to export the workout file and load it on your smart trainer or Garmin
  • TSS and IF targets for every ride
  • Power training targets personalized by your own threshold power
  • Visual description of every ride in chart form
  • Predicted CTL, ATL and TSB for PMC users

Structured workouts are a feature in TrainingPeaks. Our PDF formats remain unchanged. If you currently own a PDF format of any LW Coaching training plan we will provide you with a 50% discount toward the purchase of the same plan in TrainingPeaks format.