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LW Coaching Christmas wish list for mountain bike racers

Christmas is a perfect time to add goodies to your training tool chest. Here are 10 LW Coaching favorite items and tools to add to your Christmas wish list to enhance your mountain bike training next season. We have added a few coupon codes to make your Christmas merrier.

Read our “A day in the life of Coach Lynda” article to see how all these items and services are used as part of a routine training day.

1. Power meter

Training with a power meter is absolutely an advantage. If you don’t have one yet, this is the top big ticket item to add to your training tool chest this year. There are many good power meter brands on the market. Currently our favorite power meters for mountain bikes are made by Stages Cycling.

2. Elevated Legs

Post ride compression and massage with Elevated Legs accelerates recovery and keeps you in that sweet fitness development spot. Use coupon code LWLEGS when ordering to get in on our LW Coaching special 10% discount.

Elevated legs compression recovery

3. Ergon GE1 grips

These grips are by far our favorites and you’ll find them on all our bikes. Easy to install and remove, Ergon GE1 grips lock on securely with a clamp. They have just the right feel for mountain bike racing and come in fun colors like laser lemon. Use coupon code LWHOLIDAYGUIDE when ordering for 15% off. Code expires on Dec 25


4. Carborocket

Sports nutrition and recovery fuels are a key part of any mountain bike racers routine. Our all-time favorite recovery drink is Carborocket Rehab chocolate coconut flavor – oh yum! Carborocket hydration and electrolyte drinks are effective and tasty. Any racer will appreciate a packet of Carborocket in their stocking. Use coupon code COACHLW good for 25% off anything on their Carborocket website.


5. Dropper seat post

This is a must for racing technical courses. Our philosophy at LW Coaching is that anything that makes you smile during training, makes training better and enhances fitness development and performance. Railing trails with a dropper seatpost makes us smile every time.


6. LW Coaching Training Plan

Everybody with a goal needs a plan. Find your best plan here or get a recommendation with our Plan Finder App


7. HRV4training app

Heart rate variability can be used to assess your fatigue and training readiness so you can walk that thin line where hard training creates fitness development without over-training. The HRV4 training app is easy to use and simple to understand and synchs with TrainingPeaks. Another must have for any serious mountain bike racer.


8. TrainingPeaks subscription

If you measure it and track it you can improve it. Nobody does this better than TrainingPeaks.

9. LW Coaching consulting session

Have a personal chat with Coach Lynda Wallenfels about your training and racing goals to set your season on track.

10. LW Coaching Gift certificates

Send your loved one the gift of coaching. LW Coaching gift certificates are available in $25 and $99 amounts and redemable for any LW Coaching PDF format training plan at the LW Coaching training plan store.

These are all products and habits I believe in, I use, I recommend to LW Coaching athletes, that enhance training and recovery and promote performance development.

~ Coach Lynda