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LW Coaching Athlete Testimonials

FranDSG08Want to hear what athletes think about LW Coaching?

We love hearing LW Coaching athlete testimonials from our peeps after they have trained hard on one of our plans and achieved their goals. Race reports always make me smile.


Send your story and/or photo to or post it on our athlete stories and race reports forum to share with our whole team. Enjoy reading these testimonials of  goals smashed by athletes after following our LW Coaching mountain bike training plans.

Jeff W Raced Whiskey 50

“My results were far beyond my best expectations.”

I raced the Whiskey 50, in the single speed class this past weekend, and my results were far beyond my best expectations. I used your 50 miler personal best program and followed it nearly exact. I eliminated only 4 rides during the 12 week program and this was only when I felt I needed just a bit more rest. Last year I rode a 4:21, to a 13th place, and was very happy with that. My goal was to go 4:15 to 4:10. Somewhere in there would have been great. I crossed the finish line at 3:55 and change. Your program let me cut 25 min off my previous year’s time! Sub four hours and 15th place in a very competitive field. This race drew some big names and competition from all over the West U.S. Nine of the top 14 in the SS class were from out state. I never, ever thought I would put out a ride like that. I am still smiling four days later. I am 45 years old and no one older was in front of me. Heck, I even bested a dozen or so pro times at the race on Sunday! The program worked out perfect and I don’t think I will ever feel as happy again in a race as I was that day I crossed the line with a sub 4 hour time. I could have cared less where I placed that day. Thanks for your input to my several emails with training questions and I will be looking forward to using the next program. I’m going for my first 24 hour race next! Thanks again, J Wood

Michelle B. Raced Cascade Cream Puff 100 and Park City Point 2 Point

“I wanted to bottle those feelings I felt when I crossed the finish line and savor them for as long as possible.”

michelleP2PstartIn order to give an accurate picture of my training success with LWCoaching, I need to take you back to 2009.  My 2009 race season was not what I would call super sweet and it ended on a bitter note with my devastating DNF at the first ever PCP2P, the result of missing a cutoff time due to a flat tire.  I could make lots of excuses for my DNF, but the simple truth is that I did not train enough nor did I have a good training plan in 2009.  I had a mind to change that, which is exactly what I did in 2010. My connection to Lynda Wallenfels and LW Coaching was through my husband, who has trained with Lynda for several years.  It was time for me to buck up and get my endurance head on straight, so I bought Lynda’s 100-miler Finisher Plan; a calculated and well-thought out plan for my PCP2P rematch in September 2010. Why a 100-miler plan for a 78 mile race, you ask?  Because this race has over 14,000 feet of climbing and it’s a race that has no gimmies, so I wanted to make sure I was as prepared as possible for my date with the devil in 2010. I started my official training plan, which I now affectionately call my training “bible” in June carefully following each day and week according to Lynda’s instructions.  I will admit that when I first read my “bible” I was intimidated.  It was a lot to accomplish in 12 weeks, and I was coming off a demoralizing 2009 season finish, but I quickly got my brain wrapped around my “bible” and reminded myself that I had to take it one day at a time and then one week at a time.  I couldn’t let the end product distract me from the process. First test of the season – the Cascade Cream Puff, my first hundie race in mid-July.  Being only six weeks into my training plan and deciding to do the Puff the week prior to the race, I had low expectations for success.  Nonetheless, I went into the race with a hydration, fueling and pacing plan that I executed well enough to finish the race ahead of the cutoff times and in 13:43.  I was amazed that I could finish a race of this magnitude being only halfway through my 12-week “bible” but Lynda’s plan nailed it for me. Subsequent to the Puff, I continued to follow my plan religiously and knowing that I only had six more weeks to prepare, I was nervous about recovering enough while still training.  In the weeks leading up to my date with the devil, I had long and hard back to back training rides and I was having doubts about whether I was faster and stronger and whether I would recover enough to face my demons from 2009.  Again, Lynda’s 100-miler finisher plan was spot on and I accomplished my goal finishing Park City Point 2 Point in 11:03 taking 3rd in my age group! I could not have asked for a more perfect season finale. If you are considering working with Lynda and/or buying one of her precast training plans, all I can tell you is that they work and I would have paid five times what her 100-miler finisher plan cost.  This doesn’t mean that the training won’t hurt, because it does, and it doesn’t mean that you won’t have low days in your training because you will.  But you will be able to accomplish the goals you set out to achieve as a result…and believe me, it is worth it.  I wanted to bottle those feelings I felt when I crossed the finish line and savor them for as long as possible.

Terri P. Raced Leadville 100

“Thanks again for all of your help.”

All of the training and planning you have in your program, as far as pacing and nutrition goes worked perfectly for me.  I even had enough for a sprint at the end, which means I can try to go out a little harder next time. Thanks again for all of your help, don’t know if I could have raced it as intelligently and as prepared on my own.

Lexi raced Leadville 100

“I felt so physically prepared for the race.”


Hi Lynda!
Just wanted to let you know your PR100 plan ROCKED! I have been racing mountain bikes for a while, so I chose the PR100 plan because I knew that I could handle the workload-even though it was my first real 100 race. I felt so physically prepared for the race. I made it in 11 hours and 19 min-and really truly could have gone so much faster. At mile 40, I was a little scared at how well I was feeling and how well I was doing, so I dialed it back in…I would have been so upset if I bonked at mile 75. But, now I know and next year I will be able to really get my time down.

Matt  T. Raced Shennandoah 100

“Your well thought out plan saved me TONS of cognitive energy and space, allowing me to focus on the task at hand-training.”

Dear Lynda, Thank you!! I purchased your 100 Mile Mountain Bike Race Finisher’s plan back and June. I followed it as diligently as I could knowing from 15 years as a cyclist that flexibility is key when it comes to training plans. I missed a couple of the longer weekend rides, hill climb repeats, etc. That being said, I stayed true to it the best that I could. Fortunately, I live in the Shenandoah Valley and was able to utilize the terrain and SM 100 race course as my long ride simulations. Though the longest mtb race I’ve done prior to this year is the Vermont 50 miler, I went into the SM 100 confident in my abilities, this in great part due to my preparation that was based on your plan. I am pleased to report that I indeed finished this challenging race in 12:06!  Not only did I finish, but I didn’t cramp once, and I felt strong enough at the end to enjoy the celebration with my wife and two young daughters. I can’t tell you how nice it was to be able to print out my weekly workouts in advance, put them in a binder, add them to my daily journal, and just do them. Your well thought out plan saved me TONS of cognitive energy and space, allowing me to focus on the task at hand-training.  I loved being able to wake up, look in my journal, throw on my hr monitor and just go and ride! As I look to the future, I am certain to utilize your training programs again and again. It was $99 well spent! Thanks again!

Brad M. Raced The E -100

“I like standing on top of the podium!!!”

Brad N JaneI can’t thank you enough for all the help you have given me over the last few months. When you blew by me at the E-100 12 hour race I knew you were something special, and I didn’t know who you were. At 9 hours you were so fresh I thought you were on a relay, not solo! What’s great about you is your vast depth of experience and willingness to share information and help people get better. You definitely know what you’re talking about with endurance racing. I almost died at the 12 hour race and knew I had to do something different if I wanted to finish the 100 miler. After the 12 hour race I signed up for your generic 100 mile PR program and did the last 7 weeks to prepare for the E-100. Seriously, without your program and consultation I would not have finished the 100 miler. There’s no doubt in my mind whatsoever. So I owe you a heartfelt THANK YOU and a big hug. I’m looking forward to working with you this winter and next year to go to another level. With your help, I know I can get there. One more thing – if any of my competition is out there reading this, please disregard what I said. I like standing on top of the podium!!! Thanks again Lynda and congrats on all your fantastic finishes this year. Keep it going and stay safe.

Jason Mc. Raced Scott 24

“I’m amazed at how different I am riding now.”

I just wanted to thank you for your amazing training plan, 6 months ago I decided to enter the Scott 24 (they say it’s the biggest 24hr in the world,, personally I’m dubious that’s true though! :)) as a solo 24 competitor. My first ever run at solo, so I spent quite some time researching on the web how best to prepare for it. In my travels I came across your training plans and ended up purchasing your “24hr Solo MTB Personal Record Plan” on After I bought it I was able to read it and I must say, I was concerned I wouldn’t be ale to stick to it, it was a bit daunting as my background is riding once or twice a week, certainly not formally training. I did know that solo 24 would be hard and I needed to train to make sure I could survive it, so I committed to the plan. Come 12 weeks before the event it was time to start the plan, and to my surprise it wasn’t all that hard, and the mix of training sessions kept it interesting, I really got into it and enjoyed the training, I followed your plan to the letter and missed only 2 or 3 sessions due to family commitments (I have 3 young kids). During the first weeks I got tired, but during the later weeks I got strong and felt amazing. I did some lead up practice races (and 8 hr and a 3 hr) and although I still hadn’t peaked, I pulled some amazing results (for me) and was elated with the progress. My friends just couldn’t believe the turn around in me, I am usually at the back of the pack and struggling on a group ride and suddenly I was getting better race results than any of them ever had. Come the taper I became tired, in fact so tired I worried I would not be strong enough to solo, I had read I should be full of excess energy, yet I was heading bed with my kids each night a wreck, but during the final week of the taper I could feel myself getting stronger and by race day I was feeling great. I guess my body was recovering from the previous 10 weeks of the training plan. I had a great race, bonked a couple of times though, but I learned from that, and ended up coming 14th, which was a mind-blowing result, I’m amazed at how different I am riding now. I have strength I’ve never had and endurance that freaks me out. I realize that podium is where people like yourself and most of your clients probably aim (so 14th will sound lame ;)), but I am a father of 3, who prior to this year only did mountain biking on the weekends for fun, my goals were a lot lower than most would have been, top 30 would have amazed me, but 14th, wow. I was riding alongside some of Australia’s elite mountain bikers, and matching their pace… did I mention I’m no athlete, just some casual rider? 😉 Anyway, I just wanted send you a huge thanx, your plan took me from casual dad of three who ride on weekends to a place I never thought possible. You certainly did a good job putting the plan together. I can’t wait for next year now, I’ve taken some lessons away from the race and 14th is just so close to being in the top 10, I have a new goal 🙂 Cheers.

Sally M – 24-hours of Moab.

“Your training program and inspiration has made me feel alive again!”

Thank you for your training schedule!!!!! It has done wonders for me. Thank you for your inspiration! Honestly, do you realize what an impact you have done for me and I know others? Your training program and inspiration has made me feel alive again! I want everyone to experience this! You are awesome! I have told a lot of friends about your different training schedules. Again THANK YOU! You rock girl! Sincerely.


“The attention you pay to the small details is amazing.”

Thank you very much by the way I love this program so far!! The attention you pay to the small details is amazing i have purchased another persons training plan before and this program is 10x better than that program ever was thanks again

Beth won Dawn to Dusk

“I was able to pull out a win.”

BethUtley_2014_OP_3rd_5Hi Lynda!  I wanted to share with you that I am really enjoying the training plan I purchased a few weeks ago! I’m into week 9 of a 17 week plan to PR the 24 HOP solo and your training really suits me and the goals I have! I love that the plan leaves room for road and mountain bike with some leeway to move things around and focuses on the mountain and endurance aspects that I am looking for! Plus, including strength into the plan is very important, I like that you incorporate it! My favorite days are the long ones in the mtb saddle and the hill workouts (I like hills!), my least favorite are those (dreaded!) tempo intervals…but it is all working and I plug thru the small part I may dislike looking forward to the rest that I am loving! This past Saturday, I was able to pull out a win at the Dawn to Dusk race in Phoenix! By stacking the plan as you had suggested, I managed to finish with a faster time than last year! Turning in 9 laps on a 16 mile course (totaling around 142 miles) in 9h 44m (this includes 9.5 minutes of total stopping time I had during the race), I improved my time by 32 minutes from last year! I’m still working on the “hot” starts, but am definitely getting better at how I pace myself. I’ve also been trying some different things with my nutrition and found what works really well for me. Anyway, back to training! Or enjoying my rest week! 🙂 Thanks a lot, Lynda! I will have more to share down the road!

Jason M, won 24 Hours of Strathpuffer

“Seriously though, the best money I’ve spent so far.”

I’ve just returned from a 24 hour solo win at the crazily-tough Strathpuffer race in the north of Scotland. In fact, since I bought your 24 hour PB plan some time ago, I’ve had six 24 hour solo wins and a second place at the WEMBO World Championship in Italy. I think your plan is helping me ‘do it right’. Seriously though, the best money I’ve spent so far. Keep up the good work. Regards, Jason.

Jenny W, Sea Otter

“Your plan has been so easy to follow and perfect for my lifestyle.”

JennyWalshnkidsI just wanted to send you a quick thank you and to say how much I’ve loved your plan. I used your Time Crunched Cat 1 MTB Training Plan to build my base and I just purchased the next program for peaking to race season. Your plan has been so easy to follow and perfect for my lifestyle. I’m a wife and mom to two young kids and I work full-time. Your plan motivated me to commute to work more regularly in order to fit the rides in. Last year I tried to create my own plan from books and forums and it just didn’t work for me. I’m new to racing so it just fits me perfectly. I am excited to start the next plan and see where it takes me. My goal is to be ready for Sea Otter in April. I’m going to stay in Cat 2 (even though I’ve been following a Cat 1 program!) because last year I had such an incomplete racing season due to family issues. I hope to do well enough in my races this year to upgrade to Cat 1 by the end of the season. I feel great today and I’m looking forward to the rest of my racing season Sincerely, Jenny


“Lost 15 lbs and increased threshold power 14.2%.”

Thanks for a great plan. I just finished up the Weight Loss and Base Training Plan today, and it was my first time using a structured plan. Only missed two rides, and only had significant trouble completing the isolated leg exercises for the full intervals. Very fun otherwise. The end results: FTP Wk 1 = 289W @ 111kg = 2.60 W/kg FTP Wk 12 = 330W @ 104kg = 3.17 W/kg So, 14.2% increase in FTP (+41W), 6.3% drop in weight (-15lbs/7kg), +21.9% W/kg (+0.57). Feeling so much stronger! Ultimate goal is 380W @ 84kg = 4.5W/kg (long way to go on both fronts!). Starting the 6 Hr PR plan next week and looking forward to more progress.

Dan O, Austin Rattler

“I downloaded your 100K MTB Finisher’s Plan and succinctly, it was awesome!”

I did 5:48.  While most (fast) people would be not happy with that, I was thrilled given that my goals were in order: 1) finish 2) finish under 7 hours and 3) try not to break any bones.  I really had no idea how this would go. Background: I’m 47.  In the Fall I started to MTB again and picked the Rattler as a goal race.   I had no idea how to train for a 100K event.    I had 2-hour legs at best and when I hit the wall, I REALLY hit the wall.  No endurance or power. The Race: The Rattler is considered a flat fast course but it still has hills. I started about 2/3 back figuring I had all day to move it if it made sense.

  • Lap One – 1:29  Took it easy to the point that when I got done with this lap and really felt like I hadn’t ridden yet.  Just paced, took it in, tried not to grind the legs at any point.  Hit some traffic at the technical parts but likely only effected the lap by a few minutes.
  • Lap Two – 1:24   Again, tried to be consistent.  Made sure I ate and drank per my plan.  Got done with this lap and again felt strong.
  • Lap Three – 1:26   Actually questioned if I was going a bit too slow because I still felt pretty good.  With 5 miles to go in this lap (~20 to go overall), I decided to pick it up just a bit.  I knew that I had a lot in the tank.  I picked off a number of people on this lap.
  • Lap Four – 1:29  Could not believe how strong I felt.  I climbed some of the hills in my big ring vs.  my small ring from the first three laps. I got more aggressive and pushed knowing that I could bring this home.  I thought that this could be my fastest lap. (it wasn’t but a good feeling anyway).

Lessons Learned:

  • Trust the plan:  You (Lynda) know what you are doing.  I missed very few workouts in the process.  I had some doubt along the way but I put my faith in the plan.  The long rides were spaced perfectly and the midweek workouts mixed it up well.  I just got longer and stronger (and lighter…  lost 11 pounds).
  • Listen to the Experts: Read the forums and the articles that you post.  There is a lot of experience out there and people are generally willing to share.
  • Don’t freak with setbacks.  In the final month, I had the stomach flu (out for 4 days) and tweaked the back (out for 5 days).  I could not believe it.  I thought I was “screwed” but really, if gave me just a bit more rest and maybe a bit of hurt to the endurance but not a big deal.
  • Pace!

Thank you for coaching via the plan.


“I went from sedentary and flat on my back for months… to finishing the Breck100.”

I went through a massive stream of ankle surgeries the past several years, with the last one being in 12/12. In January I was out of shape from not being able to walk/bike/do anything for months and months on end. And I couldn’t snowboard, which is what I’ve done my whole life. So I needed a huge goal and said “I’m doing the 100, PR plan.” Never raced a day in my life, and had only really mtn biked for a couple of seasons a bit, but needed something huge to focus on to get me back in shape and focused on something other than all my surgeries and feeling sad for myself. So, I did the base training plan and the 100 PR plan… and I went from sedentary and flat on my back for months… to finishing the Breck100 on my own terms, my own day in August last year. Anyhow, I just wanted to say thank you.

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