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Leadville 100 – You’re IN! What is my Leadville 100 training plan?

Are you in?

That’s the Leadville 100 question of the day. Today there are happy racers getting the welcome e-mail from Leadville and not so happy racers getting the sorry we do not have a slot for you this year, please try again next year.

If your IN then it is training time! Here is how to stack LW Coaching training plans to get the Leadville 100 experience you want.

Starting today March 1st (yes it is March already!!) you have 23.5 weeks to race day. Lots of time to get in 100 miler race shape. You have time to stack two 12 week training plans (ok you’ll have to cut one of them short a week).

If you want to build SPEED, start with this plan:

Category 1 Cross Country Mountain Bike Base Training Plan

If you need to lose 10 pounds or more, start with this plan:

Weight Loss and Base Training Plan

On both of these plans cut out week #2 to chop them down to 11 weeks in duration

Then on May 23rd, 12 weeks out from Leadville 100 start on your 12 week 100 miler specific training plan.

If your goal is to finish comfortably and with a smile, choose this plan:

100 Mile Mountain Bike Race – Finisher Plan

If your goal is to drill it, push your limits and go faster than you have before, choose this plan:

100 Mile Mountain Bike Race – Personal Record Plan

Any questions? Post on our LW Athlete support forum

LW Athlete Support Forum

If you are new to 100 mile mountain bike training and racing check out our article library for tips and articles such as Executing your First 100 mile Mountain Bike Race

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