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Keeping it Fresh

I recently took a webinar by another coach I admire Gordo Byrn, owner of Endurance Corner, a triathlon coaching company. The webinar was titled “The Business of Coaching”. I love coaching but I admittedly struggle with and easily ignore the business side of it. However to be a successful coach you have to produce revenue or you are out of business. Coaching is decidedly my business, not my hobby. I am a professional coach. I am 100% in and dependent on coaching revenue to support myself and my family. I do not have a second job or treat coaching as a hobby. I was pleased that after the webinar I learned I was mostly on track and doing a lot of the right things. I just needed a kick up the behind to take action on a few things I know I should be doing but have been ignoring.

One piece of advice Gordo gave out in his webinar was to “Keep it Fresh“. By that he meant (or I interpreted he meant anyway…) keep learning, try new things, re-experience being a newbie. Gordo, a long time triathlete, kept it fresh this summer by switching to mountain biking. He raced Leadville 100 finishing in a ripping 7:29 on his first try at the race.

Keeping it fresh is something I have a passion for and am always switching peak races, bikes, race divisions, distances and sometimes even sports. I ran a marathon and have completed an Ironman in the past. Recently I have taken up CrossFit where I get my ego crushed to pieces on a regular basis and I absolutely love it.

Here is the latest and greatest addition to my stable of ponies in the interest of Keeping it Fresh.

Meet my new bike! This one has spunk!

I am learning how to ride really fast on dirt 🙂 I learned  what ATGATT means.  I am definitely experiencing being a newbie . There are so many things to think about at once; gears, clutch, rear brake at my foot, front brake on my right bars where I am used to the rear brake being on my mtb, indicators, watching out for traffic, not stalling the engine – wow! After railing through a big sandy wash during a 90 mile ride I was so excited about it I wanted to fist pump but I couldn’t take a hand off the handlebars – LOL

So far it is a BLAST!!! There’s so much to learn out there.

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