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Illiotibial Band Treatment for Cyclists

1. Ice the area four times daily.

2. Take a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication, with food, every eight hours.

3. Widen your stance on the bike by moving you cleats as far to the inside of the shoe sole as possible. Or, put a washer on the pedal axle so the pedal doesn’t thread as far into the crank-arm. Limit washer thickness to 2 mm so enough pedal screws in for safety. Some road riders install a triple crankset to take advantage of the longer bottom bracket axle

4. If your pedals don’t have float, it may help to position your cleats so your feet angle out more than normal.

5. Lower your saddle about 6 mm. IT band friction syndrome is one of the few knee problems where the saddle should be lowered rather than raised.

6. Over the counter arch supports or custom orthotics are often helpful because supporting the arch controls excessive tibial (lower leg) internal rotation.

7. Do specific stretches or strengthening exercises as directed.

8. Get regular soft tissue massage to the band and release work to the proximal muscles i.e. TFL, Glutes.

9. Use a foam roller to massage the area yourself.

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