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A day in the life of Coach Lynda

Having just filled the Christmas wish list for our December newsletter with my favorite training tools, I was brainstorming other articles. My brilliant daughter came up with the idea of doing a “day-in-the-life-of” feature to show how these training tools fit into a normal training day. So here it is, an average day in my life. Yes, I use everything on our LW Coaching Christmas list in an average day.


6:30 am Wake up time! I get up and move around for a few mins brushing my teeth and putting the coffee on to wake up properly then fire up the HRV4training app. Ouch, my HRV is low and today it is telling me I am tired and it is time to rest. I’m not surprised as the last few days have involved some high intensity. Low HRV means I am tired and it is time to chill out for a day or two.

6:30 – 8:00 Coffee, stretch, see kids off to school.

8:00 – 12:00 Work time consulting with athletes on my LW Coaching training plans, answering training questions on my Athlete Support Forum and planning out training for my personal coaching clients.


12:00 Ride time with my Stages power meter and dropper seat post on board. Ergon GE1 laser lemon grips brighten up my cockpit. I love the fun color choices these grips come in. What I most like about these grips are that they are easy to install and remove and they have a positive firm feel without being too hard. Grips are such an important choice in bike set up.


Another Christmas wish list item, Carborocket, is in my bottle to fuel my ride.


1:30 pm Post ride refuel with lunch and then download my Stages power meter data to TrainingPeaks.


Elevated legs compression recovery


2:00 – 6:00 Work time starts again multi-tasking with checking email and sitting for 30 minutes in my Elevated Legs. A post-ride compression and massage session feels so good – aaaahhh

6:00 – 9:00 Dinner and social time or maybe more work time

9:00 Wind it all down with no screens, a little yin yoga then asleep by 10:30 to log my 8 hours of sleep per night. OK… this part of the day I am not so good at and am often caught on screens after 9 pm – oops…


These are all products and habits I believe in, recommend to LW Coaching athletes, that enhance training and recovery and promote performance development.

~ Coach Lynda