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Colorado Trail Race Plan is Live!

Our LW Coaching Colorado Trail Race training plan is live!! This is a first for LW Coaching in that the plan is a collaboration to two coaches Dave Harris and Lynda Wallenfels. Lynda brings to the table tried and true training methods and training plan design. Dave brings to the plan specific expertise and experience in  multi-day self supported racing with many wins and course records on his resume. 2 coaches for the price of 1!

We are very, very excited about how this plan turned out. In fact excited enough that now both of us want to follow the plan and race CTR! ha, ha!

Below Dave describes his experiences and plan details:

Self-supported racing is near and dear to me. No other style of riding has the potential for so much enjoyment, satisfaction, challenge, discovery, tears and angst. It’s the kaleidoscope of cycling experiences. I’ve spent the better part of the last 5 years passionately engrossed in the genre.

Photo credit Mike Curiak

Last summer I jumped into CTR. It was never all that attractive when I lived in Durango, but now that I live in southern Utah getting to cool temps and alpine riding mid-summer was the ticket. That route had some big lessons for me, and I have been studying up on just what it takes to do a good ride in that event.

Why not share the love? At LW Coaching we had some interest in a CTR plan so I went to work on putting all I’ve learned on paper. This is a bit different than the other plans here. There are so many details in self-supported multi-days that this plan is more of a book 😉 The training part is central but I also added an appendix containing strategies on everything from acute mountain sickness to keeping your GI happy for days.

Here’s the crazy thing. Altitude kills me. I was gasping for air, coughing my brains out during CTR on the Monarch Crest trail with Scott Morris last year. If you’d have told me I’d want to do the event again I’d have laughed uncontrollably! Well, if I could get enough air to laugh I would have…but researching for and writing this plan has me convinced I can overcome the altitude part…and makes me very excited to give it a go again! I must be crazy.

If you are just as crazy check it out. I dare you. But be careful, this stuff is addicting!
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