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Flow experiences provide a flash of intense living against the background of every day life.

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

Staying motivated for late season MTB racing

This staying motivated for late season MTB racing article was written for my column on Coach Lynda Wallenfels is Cat 1 USA Cycling coach and owner of Athlete question:  “The race season seems to be getting longer and longer, what are some good things to do to keep fresh and motivated for the entire season?” Answer:  Keeping it…

How Gritty are you?

How Gritty are you? Grit: firmness of character; indomitable spirit; pluck: He has a reputation for grit and common sense. Grit: stubbornness, resourcefulness, creativity and adaptability that helps someone make the tough climb toward a long-term goal. Do you have grit? It takes a whole lot of grit to race mountain bikes so the answer is probably a resounding yes. Take this test to see where you lie on the Grit Scale.

Three Stages of Athletic Development

I consider there to be three stages of personal development on the way to fulfilling your athletic potential. All athletes experience these, no matter whether they are a pro, middle or back-of-the-pack. Athletic development is relative. Stage One Primary goal is event completion. Participation and finishing the event brings joy and accomplishment. Just being there is super cool. This is a…

Quantifying Stress and the Effects on Training

These are my notes from a presentation titled “Quantifying the Effects of Training and Life Stress on the CNS” given by coach Rick Crawford at the November 2003 Ultrafit coaching symposium. In order to quantify stress you must define it. Stress comprises of physical and mental stress. Physical stress = training. Mental stress = family harmony, finances, sponsorship, work demands,…