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Power training for MTB

Training with power for mountain bikers

Power Based Training Levels

This power level and heart rate zone calculator computes your functional threshold power, power training levels and heart rate zones from 20 minute test results. The table below describes the power levels in detail as originally developed by Dr. Andrew Coggan. Level Name Functional Threshold Power Perceived Exertion Description 1 Active Recovery <55% <2 “Easy spinning” or “light pedal pressure”,…

Power Training Glossary

Getting up to speed with the new lingo used for power training can be confusing. Here is a list of all the terms, definitions and acronyms associated with training by power. FTP – Functional Threshold power. The mean maximal power over one hour. Pn (normalized power) – an estimate of the power that you could have maintained for the same physiological…

Performance Manager Chart Explained

Cycling Peaks Software contains a feature in their WKO+ software called the Performance Manager Chart (PMC). So what is it all about, why is it so exciting and why should you be paying attention? ‘Cause if you want to get faster you should be paying attention. Training with a power meter gives you a clear picture of what went on…