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Getting started with WKO4

TrainingPeaks released their WKO4 training analysis software a bit over a year back. Support for the older WKO3 is phasing out – sync with TrainingPeaks data ended Mar 1, and license activations will be disabled in 2018. Existing installs will still work, but you won’t be able to install on a different system. An upgrade to WKO4 is inevitable if you want to…

MTB Race Season Planning Tips

Every great race season begins with a plan. Here are some MTB race season planning tips and considerations when laying out your schedule for the year. First, here’s a list of the tools and concepts we’ll use in the planning process. The PMC is the best tool for planning training volumes. Manage your Headroom Ramp rate is the rate of change in CTL…

Build headroom into your season plan

Should you really rest at the end of your season? Won’t that mean you will lose all your hard-earned fitness? Building performance is not linear and you should rest and unload some fatigue after your performance peaks. Here is why: To build “headroom” for your next season. The performance manager is a powerful tool when planning out your season. Once you…