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Food and nutrition

Book review: Fuel Right Race Light eBook

Complete nutrition plan for endurance athletes is the tag line for this Fuel Right Race Light eBook and it does deliver on that promise. This book, by Registered Dietitian Kelli Jennings, is full of detail and crammed with the answers to every question you could think of to ask a sports nutritionist.       The focus of this book is on helping…

Ride food: RxBar review

I am always on the lookout for quality ride food. The best ride food is tasty, full of quality healthy ingredient and pack-able. The RxBar scored top points in all three of these areas. Taste Why do I only have a photo of the wrapper for you and not the bar? Umm, because I ate it all! I was given…

LW breakfast beet smoothie

This power smoothie can be used as a recovery drink after an early morning workout or as a nutritious breakfast drink. A tasty way to get your beets in! Beets, spinach, banana, coconut oil, glutamine, yogurt, whey protein. By Lynda Wallenfels Google+

The Whole30 for Athletes

To do The Whole30 you are all-in or you’re not doing The Whole30 There is no modified Whole30. You do it or you don’t do it – for 30 days – simple. The program is NOT designed to be a life style to continue forever. It is a restrictive elimination diet.  The point of the Whole30 is to gain awareness –…

8 ways to eat the same sandwich

Most mountain bike racers training up to the limits of their abilites are maximizing their diet for recovery, fueling and body composition. Here is a look at eight different ways to eat the same sandwich. Which one of these renditions of the same sandwich best fits your nutrition goals?   By Lynda Wallenfels Google+