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Are you prepared to race in the heat?

This year so far has been cold and wet for southern athletes, and cold and icy for those in the northern half of the country. Avoiding storms has been a large part of training so far in 2017. Nobody has had a hot day yet to train this season. I was training here in the Utah desert yesterday with an athlete…

LW Coaching Christmas wish list for mountain bike racers

Christmas is a perfect time to add goodies to your training tool chest. Here are 10 LW Coaching favorite items and tools to add to your Christmas wish list to enhance your mountain bike training next season. We have added a few coupon codes to make your Christmas merrier. Read our “A day in the life of Coach Lynda” article to…

A day in the life of Coach Lynda

Having just filled the Christmas wish list for our December newsletter with my favorite training tools, I was brainstorming other articles. My brilliant daughter came up with the idea of doing a “day-in-the-life-of” feature to show how these training tools fit into a normal training day. So here it is, an average day in my life. Yes, I use everything…