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Mountain Bike Training for Masters 40+ Racers

LW Coaching article on TrainingPeaks Blog: Mountain Bike Training for Masters 40+ Racers. If you look at mountain bike race results you’ll notice the 40 plus year old race category is one of the bigger fields. Then look at their finish times and you’ll see how incredibly fast they are! If you want to stand on top of the podium…

Training through COVID-19

This year has been one of a kind! I’ve talked with many athletes and can confirm you are in good company if you are sad about losing your spring goal race. There are bigger things going on right now than bike racing but we have still suffered a loss and it is ok to grieve about that. Hopefully the fall…

Find your ready-made training plan

Give our PlanFinder tool a try to find your ready-made training plan. Input your race date and goals and answer a few questions about yourself to get our recommendation of your best training plan stack. Click on image to access PlanFinder Training plan stacks are designed around your most important ‘A’ event. Your ideal training plan stack is determined by…