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50 Mile Mountain Bike Racing

We have a new LW Coaching series underway at Mountain Bike Radio: 50 mile mountain bike racing. This short series will discuss tips, tricks, and training information you’ll need to know to finish your first 50 mile mountain bike race and set a personal record in your next 50 mile race.

Episode 1: 50 mile mountain bike racing, from Zero to 50 in a year.

Have you been thinking about trying out an endurance race? Have you seen your friends train for and race a 50 mile mountain race and thought to yourself that is something you’d like to do? Worried ’cause you’ve been sitting on the couch for years? No problem! Coach Lynda shares great information about getting you from the couch to finishing your first 50 mile mountain bike race. Getting started in 50 mile mountain bike racing. Frequency, intensity, duration and more.

50 mile mountain bike racing

50 mile mountain bike racing on Mountain Bike Radio