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40+ Masters mountain bike training plans are upgraded!

We have upgraded our entire series of 40+ Masters mountain bike training plans

Earned my buckle!

These upgrades are FREE to all current owners of our TrainingPeaks format because we love you! Yay! We appreciate you trusting us with your training, your loyalty and want you to have the latest and greatest we offer. Masters 40+ mountain bike training plans included in the upgrades are:

Upgrade highlights

  • Maximizes power meter data for pacing accuracy and workout clarity with structured workouts for every bike session in the plan.
  • Includes the new TrainingPeaks Structured workout format. You can now export your daily workout from your LW Coaching 40+ masters mountain bike TrainingPeaks plan to your Garmin and follow in real time while training.
  • Structured workout files exported from TrainingPeaks are compatible with most indoor training applications and many Garmin devices. Workouts can be exported in .ERG, .MRC, .FIT, or .ZWO formats. See here for the list of compatible devices.
  • Includes daily IF and TSS goals to maximize the use of your power meter and the Performance Manager Chart (PMC).
  • All original training plan features remain. Upgrades are additional features. No original features are lost. A power meter is not required to follow any of these training plans. Each of these plans can also be followed using PE (perceived exertion) and heart rate as the primary pacing tools.

How do you get your FREE upgraded training plan?

Current plan owners get the upgrade for free and it is already in your TrainingPeaks account! Open your training plan library on TrainingPeaks and you will find the upgraded plan already there for you. Apply it to your calendar on any date you choose and start training with the new features.