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PowerTap 2.4 wireless mountain bike hub battery replacement

I’ve been rolling my mtb disc 2.4 wireless PowerTap hub in circles since April with the factory installed batteries. About 15 hours of riding ago the battery low icon started to flash. Tomorrow I have a ride planned I really want to have power data for and would be bummed if it pooped out mid workout.

Changing the hub batteries requires first removing the disc.

Then unscrewing the battery cover with the cute tool provided with the PT.

Here is what it looks like inside.

There is a little battery pack that pops out.

The batteries took a bit of wiggling to get out but the new ones slid right in.

Then reverse all motions. The process was painless except for getting the plastic battery cover back on. It screws down on metal threads and was tough to get aligned and screwed down without crossing threads. That took a few extra minutes of wiggling too.

Once back together the system was ready to roll. No further finagling required. I should be good to go for another 400 hours of PowerTap love. Tomorrow is only scheduled for 90 mins…
By Lynda Wallenfels Google+

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