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Training through COVID-19

This year has been one of a kind!

I’ve talked with many athletes and can confirm you are in good company if you are sad about losing your spring goal race. There are bigger things going on right now than bike racing but we have still suffered a loss and it is ok to grieve about that. Hopefully the fall race season will be packed with choices!!

Here are current LW Coaching ideas on how to move forward with your season. Scenarios are changing rapidly and your options will be unique so these are suggestions, not guidelines.

If you are healthy, do keep training! Sticking to a regular routine provides a sense of normalcy and accomplishment in these unstable times. Training will keep you healthy, give you a much needed shot of endorphins and if you can get outside, Vitamin D.

  • Only consider training if you are 100% healthy.
  • Practice social distancing. Avoid group rides and gyms.
  • Avoid non-essential travel and train indoors at home or close to home.
  • Reduce overall training load to bolster your immune system by lowering both the total training duration and volume of intensity.
  • Keep training rides under 3 hours in duration to avoid suppressing your immune system
  • Avoid any risky activities that may land you in the Emergency Room or at Urgent Care.
  • Strength train, stretch and do yoga at home.
  • Give a home workout app such as Sworkit a try.
  • Yoga studios, gyms and personal trainers have closed up shop. Several are putting their classes online for free. This is a golden opportunity to explore new workouts and types of training.
  • Use this time with reduced training volume to work on a weakness, stretch tight areas and rehab any lingering injuries.
  • Take really good care of yourself. Sleep 8 hours per night, eat your vegetables and manage stress.

Stay tuned here and we will continue to post our ideas and training tips as conditions develop.