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Open mountain bike coaching day Thurs, April 3rd 2014

It’s the first week of the month. That means it is time for Open Mountain Bike Coaching  Day on our LW Coaching Facebook page. This month, by request we are hosting  it on a Thursday rather than a Tuesday. Like our page and join in the chat.

Race season has started for most of us!! Stop by our open FB coaching day and let me know how your first race went! Did you blow it away or do you need some fine tuning? Have questions about warming up or fueling? I’m expecting lots of race specific stuff this month. Did you cramp in your first race? I get that question several times per week in April. That is an early season question and I have the answer right here How do I prevent muscle cramping during races?

Coaching mountain bikers is my dream job and I think about nothing but that on my open coaching days – That makes for a great day. Come along, like our page, ask your questions, post up your race stories and results and join our community.

Want to know what goes on in our open coaching days? Browse our Q&A compilations.

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