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Better Ride Mountain Bike Skills Camp Preview

Next weekend a group of LW Coaching athletes and I are headed to the Better Ride mountain bike skills camp in Phoenix taught by coach Gene Hamilton. I’m attending as a student not a coach. I’m excited to be coached rather than do the coaching this time. To learn, to improve and to ride my bike are three of my favorite things. Yes, I am excited!

I love riding my bike and especially love riding it well. I often work on improving my tech skills. Studying photos and video and coaching from friends helps me improve. There is quite a bit I can see in this photo below that I could do better. I’m pretty sure I slammed my rear wheel into the ledge here, lost all my momentum and got a nice big push from my friendly spotter! My weight is too far back and I had no power over the pedals.

When I clean a new technical move I feel like a winner 🙂 The feeling of floating through a tough section of trail is delicious.

Even though I have been mountain biking for 24 years I know I can still improve. The Better Ride camp in Phoenix we are attending is a three day camp. It’s is going to be great having a skills coach like Gene watch me and correct any bad habits. Instant feedback. I’m expecting to learn a lot of drills too so I can come home and practice, practice.

Our camp is a cross country race focused camp so we will learn to ride faster in addition to better. Fast is always fun too, especially in a race. Efficiency in corners and downhill puts you higher in the field with more energy every time. That translates into race results.

Best of all our camp is filled out with friends and clients of LW Coaching so we can have post camp get-togethers to practice, practice some more.

In 2013 my LW Coaching crew and myself are going to ride better at BetterRide.

By Lynda Wallenfels Google+

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