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Are you Primed for MTB racing?

Priming is a scientifically proven phenomenon. One clever study had subjects walk down a long hall and wait for their turn to “test” in a room with posters on the wall of people looking old and tired. After five minutes they were instructed to go back down the hall to start their “test”. They walked more slowly down the hall than when they had arrived i.e. acting like old tired people. Their sub-conscious had been primed to feel old and tired.

You can prime yourself with positive things and be a task oriented go-getter or you can prime yourself with the opposite. The results of this are magnified in racing. Surround yourself with people who believe in you and have positive encouraging things to say to you. Surround yourself with people and an environment which will prime you. If you are primed with positive, task driven, self-focused words and ideas you will be more likely to “flow” into positive, task driven, self-focused actions.

You don’t need to wait around for your friends or environment to prime you but can do it for yourself. In a 24-hour solo race, a racer can sit in his pit at 4am for an hour whining about the cold or put on another jacket and stay out on his bike? He decides. It is a choice and he is responsible for doing the choosing. The temperature doesn’t change with whining but how cold it feels to him can change with self-priming. Think about what kind of actions you are priming yourself for and how.

By Lynda Wallenfels Google+

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