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2012 Colorado Trail Race

Are you in for the 2012 Colorado Trail Race? Our 12 week Colorado Trail Race training plan starts on Monday May 7th.

Race start is Monday, July 30th, 6am at Waterton Canyon Trailhead, Denver. Finish is 470 miles down the Colorado Trail at Junction Creek Trailhead, Durango.

Here is one of the views you will get from the saddle on CTR. Segment 23 descending into Cataract Lake, a most special place to visit on this planet.

By Lynda Wallenfels Google+

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  2 comments for “2012 Colorado Trail Race

  1. Tom M
    July 18, 2012 at 12:35 pm

    Since this race isn’t official and has no permits, insurance or forest approval, PLEASE get a CORSAR/hiking certificate at your favorite shop before going on this ride so the volunteer SAR teams and local Sheriffs don’t have to pay out of pocket to find and rescue participants.
    Having had to go out looking for several participants of this race in the past, we would appreciate some advertising for what should be in every gear bag in Colorado, including for this race. We also suggest carrying a tracking PLB (SPOT, Delorme, etc) to track where you are. Makes our job much easier.

    The CORSAR cards are available for $3 for one year and $12 for five years, and can be purchased at over 300 retailers in the state. You may also purchase cards online.

    Please spread this to the race promoter and any other supporting groups or sites. Thank You.

  2. July 18, 2012 at 2:24 pm

    Thank-you for your comment. We do already specifically recommend a CORSAR card in our materials. It is definitely worthy of being called out again. Regards Lynda

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